Pickup Magnet is now owned by Cottam Guitars

Based in Leigh near Manchester we have been repairing, modifying, customizing and selling Ibanez spares & Dimarzio pickups for years


As you might imagine, you won’t normally find Pink Green or Yellow DiMarzios down your local guitar shop.
Getting exactly what you want from such an array of custom options is not easy and normally requires a special order.
Don’t settle for silver pole pieces if you want black, don’t have black poles if you want Gold.
We can get exactly what you want if it’s an available custom option and have been doing so for years.

Our plan is to stock as many coloured pickups as possible whilst maintaining a stock of all DiMarzios pickup range.
Your support of our company will ensure easier/quicker access to the harder to get hold of pickups in the future.
Thanks for taking the time to see who we are.

We have sent DiMarzio pickups all over the globe with never a problem
If you are after some please feel free to mail us, tell us exactly what you want and
if DiMarzio make them in the colours you are after we will get them made and sent out to you.

email us at max@pickupmagnet.com or call 07803 940252