If you are looking for Custom Ordered DiMarzio Pickups you are in the right place!

This is how we started as a company, just Custom Ordered DiMarzio Pickups, if you want a Black Super distortion then you can buy them in 100 different places, if you want one in green and pink with gold poles, then you won’t find one on a shelf, even if you are in DiMarzio in New York!!

ALL DiMarzio pickup are made to order, so we order ours in once a month any time before the 6th, they are then all made for us and sent back the following month on roughly the 14th sometime early sometimes a little after that but you get them just as you wanted them.

So what options do I get for my Custom Ordered DiMarzio Pickups?  Well the colour options are great, Green, Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue, Cream, Camo, Zebras (e.g Green/Pink) Chrome top, Gold top mirror finishes on plastic bobbins, that”s real metal bonded to the bobbins, or maybe you want them in Gold Metal covers like Les Pauls?  Or Black Or satin gold, satin Nickle, Brushed steel…..  Take a look at any of the pickups for available options, do remember that the swatches don’t show all of the zebra variations or the swatch would be massive.


Here is a colour swatch for the Super Distortion, the most widely sold replacement pickup in Guitar history.


So looking at this you would think maybe that you couldn’t have a Red and Yellow Super Distortion But you could as the colours are both on the page, THERE are exceptions to this rule, so if in doubt EMAIL me here alan@pickupmagnet.com with questions.


Here are a few that we sent out near Christmas, not all crazy colours some have different poles or blades or spacing’s.

another-one bahrain daniel dragomir   jemsound matteo purple-pafs rocco RODOLFO stefan


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