We’ll it seems that Facebook is not happy with me using the name Alan Lee pickupmagnet.  They now need me to send them a picture of me in the form of my passport or photo ID driving License, neither of which I have.  Even if I did I would not send to those nosey bastards.  They were fine taking my money from my registered merchant bank PayPal company account, where they could see my full name and address and company details.  I will be firing up another facebook page, and will post the link here soon.  It seem they need my picture for bio-metrics or something?  When did they turn into the CIA? I must be an internet terrorist posting pictures of Ibanez parts and DiMarzio pickups, ahhhh run!!!   I paid to have adverts on there and build a following an now they have taken that away from me and also at the same time made me look like some kind of dodgy UN-trustworthy character, which I find even more sinister as I paid for the exposure to new folks what will they think now?  I know what I would think……. he must have been a dodgy F***er!  They sure as S*** didn’t ask for Photo ID when they were taking hundreds of pounds of my money for their adverts, and they would have seen my name was not alan lee pickupmagnet, in fact they knew the name of my business was pickupmagnet, I will NEVER give them one cent more, I look forward to the share value hitting ENRON and WORLDCOM lows.


I am disgusted by the entire situation, I paid for the lots of adverts insertion and they should remain even if they now deam me unfit for their site, maybe I should have posted links to loads of porn, they seem to be fine. I don’t want to show my face to everyone, they may be eating at the time, I wish to retain my anonymity.


I guess it goes to show, why worry unless you have something to hide, that old cop out, I am disgusted.  I have to say they also saved me loads of time, I got my life back and realized just how dang empty it is.

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