Hi and welcome back to PickupMagnet 2.0…..

Maybe make that 4.0 or something like that there have been that many iterations already I can’t keep track.  I am sorry if anyone has been looking and couldn’t find me, the site and email has been offline due to moving hosting / site upgrade / SSL secure payment gateway / Credit Card payment options and then the nightmare of database migration which my host of MANY years (fasthost) let me down so comically that I will never let them host anything for me





My new hosts SITEGROUND are the boys!  What a difference, like night and day.  Also the site runs quicker with them and I can host 100 site here if I like unlike the 3 I was going to get LOL.

Anyway less of the negative more of the positive I am back and I think everything work, site needs a lot doing to it, please if you do see any mistake or if you get an issues fire me a message, Cheers All – Al.

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