So you’re after some Custom DiMarzio pickups and you know you’ll never find them in stock anywhere because you’ve already looked!


We place our DiMarzio Custom Orders on the 8th of every month and we receive them on roughly the 20th of the following month.

We then post your custom DiMarzio(s) out to you INSURED, TRACKED AND SIGNED FOR just the way you wanted them. 

DiMarzio offer lots of options, sometimes it is hard to know which you can and can’t get. If you are unsure
please email call or message us and we will help you out with your available options.

Simply put, tell us which pickups you would like and in which colours and as long as DiMarzio offer these options we will arrange for DiMarzio to make them specially for you.


Prior to ordering, you will need to pay for your pickups in full, upon the pickups arrival we will just get them straight on their way to you.

When you want your pickup with TWO colours :

The bridge pickup colours : ALWAYS start the pickup colours with the bobbin closest to the Guitars bridge.

The neck pickup colours : ALWAYS start the pickup colours with the bobbin closest to the Guitars neck.

Then CONFIRM your choice of material for poles / bars / rails (Black, Gold OR Nickel)

See the guitar illustration...

The above order would be as follows...


DP700 (Blaze 7 Neck)

Green/Yellow with Black Poles

DP701 (Blaze 7 Middle)

Green with Black Poles

DP702 (Blaze 7 Bridge)

Green/Yellow with Black Poles

If you can’t find the part for your beloved Ibanez in our Ibanez parts section and Ibanez still make the part we can order it for you.


You can access the Official Ibanez parts website here



You can search for your guitar by model number and then the manufacture date.

Let us know the part number and description and we can try and track it down for you

We place weekly Ibanez Custom Orders and some components can take a few days to get hold of others can take a LOT longer as they have to be sourced directly from Japan and will arrive by boat on the next container.


We Can Order Necks, Bridges, Trems, Tuners, Nuts, Covers, Knobs….


For now please just send us an email letting us know the detail and we will email you back with info and a ETA.


If you can’t find what you are looking for or you found the item but it says out of stock and you would like to reserve it for when it arrives back in... Please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help

Tel; +44 (0) 7803 940252


C/O Precious

Unit 25 Spinning Gate Centre

Leigh, Lancashire


+44 (0) 7803 940252

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