What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay securely online with PayPal to max@pickupmagnet.com and via telephone or email we can send you our bank details if you wish to pay by Bank Transfer.

Where do you post to?

Almost the entire globe... please see the 'POSTAGE' section for more details

How much is postage?

This all depends on where you are, how valuable the items are and how heavy they are. We try and post in the most economical FULLY insured way possible... please add the product you require to your cart and before final Order Confirmation, you will see the postage price after you enetr your shipping details... see our 'POSTAGE' section below.

Product I need is out of stock!

When we are out of stock it’s best to 'CONTACT US' so you don’t miss it when it comes back in stock as there may be a few people waiting on the same product and we can make sure you get what you need. Make a custom order with us, and the stock is guaranteed for you

Can I place a truly customised order?

Yes you Can! Please take a look at our 'CUSTOMISATION' section for details. Just email us with what you need and we can send you a direct Paypal invoice

How long will delivery take?

UK sent Special delivery so next day, unless paid for on a Friday or a Saturday. All other Global postage can take several days if you need something ASAP please email us and will will get you a courier quote, if money is no object... Please see our 'POSTAGE' section below.

I am unsure of what I need!

you can always 'CONTACT US' and we will be more than happy to help you and there is also a comprehensive section of FAQs on the DiMarzio website

What is Standard spaced and F-Spaced?

First of all, the 2 width options ONLY applies to 6 string humbuckers Strat, Tele, Bass, 7 String and 8 String just come in ONE standard width F-Spaced = Floyd spacing Virtually all guitars with a trem need an F-Spaced pickup in the bridge Jems/RG's/S's etc also need F-Spaced at the neck too Its common on Les Pauls and Musicman guitars to have an F at the bridge and standard at the neck. To check, measure the string to string distance, above the pickup you want to change and go for the nearest If you are unsure - just drop us a message! Dimarzio set their standard pickups as 48mm from the centre of the outside two poles and 51mm for the F-Spaced This is how it should look : Strangely, Ibanez used standard spaced pickups on some of the early Jems and this is how they looked, which i'm sure you agree doesnt look too good :

What do Dimarzio's pickup codes mean???

Dimarzio's product codes split down quite easily First thing to remember is each pickup will have a "standard" polepiece colour With an Evolution this is Black With a Tone Zone it is Nickel See Dimarzio's website to check - the cheapest one will be the standard colour A typical code would be DP159FBK+G This means : DP = Dimarzio Pickup 159 = Pickup type(Evolution in this example) F = F-Spaced (just leave the F out if you want standard) BK= Colour Black +G = Polepiece colour (just leave out if you want standard) So a DP155BL+B Would be a Tone Zone, Standard Spaced in Blue with black poles Dimarzio's colours are : BK = Black WH = White CR = Cream RD = Red BL = Blue PK = Pink V = Voilet(Purple) y = Yellow GR = Green AW = Aged White MG = Mint Green

How do i know what colour options i can order in?

The easiest way to see straight away is to go to www.dimarzio.com Find the pickup you want and the options will be there - colour, polepieces etc There are hundreds of colour combinations possible So Dimarzio simplify it by just showing black/red, black/blue....... So if you want a pickup with one bobbin red and one purple As long as Dimarzio's colour chart says the pickup is available in red and also available in purple - its no problem to combine the 2 available colours! Just contact us and we can order it for you

What are Dimarzio Humbuckers basic wiring colours?

Dimarzio on 4 conductor pickups use : Red Black White Green Bare Red is the Hot output - to vol pot or switch Middle of the two coils - solder black and white together and tape up, or use to split the humbucker Green and braid to earth This is the most basic way of wiring but there are HUNDREDS of different ways of wiring and combining pickups

Which way round do i put my humbucker pickups?

Fit your humbuckers : Bridge pickup with the cable exit point on the treble side Neck pickup with the cable exit point on the bass side A humbucker is TWO coils with opposing polarity - and hence it gets rid of hum And with the normal way of wiring - the two coils are in series so you get a thicker/beefier sound If you have a humbucker with two North or Two South coils - it wont get rid of the hum In typical RG/Jem Ibanez "Split-5" wiring you need a Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity(South polarity) middle pickup, so that in positions 2 and 4 when it combines with the inner North coil of either humbucker it gives a S+N combination and is hence hum-cancelling. The Dimarzio True Velvet DP175S is the ideal "middle" position pickup - and is the one that Ibanez choose for their J-Custom guitars


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