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From DiMarzio own page regarding the DiMarzio Cliplocks.

Nylon was our first choice for ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Straps. We chose automotive seatbelt material for its comfort, strength and durability. Unlike inexpensive polypropylene, nylon has a smooth, satin feel, allowing the guitar to slide freely during performance. The fabric conforms to your body and adds a new level of comfort, yet it is strong enough to hold over 150 pounds! DiMarzio Cliplocks Quick Release Guitar Straps were the first to feature the heavy-duty plastic clip that allows you to easily change from guitar to guitar with a little fingertip pressure. It is the most secure and unique fastening method available to safeguard your guitar. ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Straps have been used for years by Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Steve Morse and many other professional musicians. They are the industry standard for strength, security and quality. ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Straps attach securely to your guitar with two sturdy bushings and extra-long screws sized to fit the strap bushing screw holes on most electric guitars and basses.


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We stock the below Item Codes DD2240 - DiMarzio Blue swirled Universe Cliplock DD2241 - DiMarzio Green swirled Universe Cliplock DD2242 - DiMarzio Art (Steve Vai) Cliplock DD2200 - The Standard Go to DiMarzio 2" Cliplock in ALL colours. DD2200NS - The Original (slightly shorter) 2" Cliplock in some colours. WE can ORDER whatever you need!! Email us DD2200JP - John Petrucci signature Cliplock DD2800 - 3" DiMarzio Cliplock DD2200T - Cordura Cliplock in ALL available colours DD2200C - Cotton Cliplock in Both colours. DD2230 - Cheetha Cliplock DD2425SC - Soft Chrome Cliplock (Currently unavailable)