We have the full range of DiMarzio Guitar Tone and Volume Pots to choose from whether you are after a 250k, 500k(short or long) or a 1 meg pot we have them all to go with your DiMarzio switches and Pickups.


The pot requires a 9.4mm hole, measures 20mm across the body(diameter). These pots would commonly be referred to as "short-shaft" pots and are ideal for scratchplate fitting or where the wood is quite thin - upto 7mm, so please check with your guitar before ordering thanks.

The 500k Long pot will accomodate upto 16mm mounting depth


They come packaged and complete with 2 nuts, flat washer and knurled washer.


Which Pots is right for me?

250k - Recommended for Single Coils

500k - Recommended for Humbuckers

1Meg - Allows more treble through on dark sounding guitars(Usually used as a Tone Pot)

500k Long - Great for Les Pauls with thicker cavity wood



Dimarzio® 250k 500k 1Meg & 500k Long Custom Taper Volume or Tone Pot



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