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Dimarzio DP285F IGNO


Polyphia’s sound is characterized by sleek, upbeat melodies and catchy hooks that have been described variously as progressive, djent, funky, melodic, EDM, and trap. They don’t quite fit into any existing category. Mostly they’re just having fun, making unique music that is inspired by stuff they love.

Scott LePage wanted a bridge pickup that had the power to dig in when needed. Alnico 8 was used to increase the output. The IGNO™ features DiMarzio’s dual resonance design with both coils scatter wound to produce a warm response yet not too high in the mids. This keeps the clarity and separation between the treble and bass.

Available in F-spacing only.


Tech Talk

This pickup is designed for the bridge position in solid body guitars. The thick tonality and smooth treble makes it favor brighter guitars.


Output - 385

Bass - 6.5

Mid - 6.5

Treble - 4.5


Recommended For –  Bridge Position

Quick Connect - No

Wiring - 4 Conductor

Magnet - Alnico 8

Resistance – 12.65 Kohm

Year of Introduction – 2019


Dimarzio® DP285F IGNO, Scott LePage humbucker