Ibanez' best trem system the Lo Pro Edge.

It refined the fantastic Edge trem system into a sleek engineering marvel, by lowering the rear of the trem and redesigning the fine tuners to sit low and back.

Stays in tune and is a joy to use


Comes complete with trem arm and full fitting kit - enough to fit to a bare body

Locking nut NOT included


Please Note : Due to Licensing/Patents, ALL the new Ibanez trems, DO NOT have the "Licensed Under Floyd Rose Patents" lettering on them any more, but are identical to the old ones and still made by Gotoh in Japan


Includes FREE UK Special Delivery Shipping

Ibanez LO PRO EDGE Trem system with fitting kit



C/O Precious

Unit 25 Spinning Gate Centre

Leigh, Lancashire


+44 (0) 7803 940252


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