Hey ALL, anyone who was a fan of the older site (ME) I have updated it a bit, things are easier to find 2 clicks and there you have what you were looking for, no searching required.  Quick email to ask a question, you can see I do actually have the stuff I am selling and I have many customers from all over the globe.  Anyway I will be keeping that site more up to date than this site, this site is merely an easy way to buy items I have for sale.

If you are after some custom pickups, just email me as before.  The new/old site address is www.dimarziopickups.co.uk.

Cheers for taking the time to read this, I used to put a lot of what I was up to in the NEWS section, I just didn’t feel like this site wanted that?  Maybe no one read the old news section??  LOL that would be funny, re doing and updating an older site and no one was even looking at it anyway plus paying extra to host it, a lot like my old www.outofthisswirled.com I just re uploaded that too, yeas I miss it but never again.

Enough chat, cheers for looking – Thanks, Alan.

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